What To Order At McDonald's, According to a Dietitian

Fruit & maple oatmeal, a sausage burrito, and Dasani water

This meal ranks highly because it offers a fast-food option for including both fruit and muesli into a breakfast meal.

Egg McMuffin

One of your greatest options for breakfast is the Egg McMuffin, which is among the healthiest McDonald's dishes available.

Sausage burrito, apple slices, and low-fat milk

Onions, green chiles and tomatoes are among the vegetables used in the McDonald's sausage burrito. Fruit and milk add a naturally sweet touch to the dish.

10-piece Chicken McNuggets, apple slices, and unsweetened iced tea

This 10-piece order will satisfy your appetite for nuggets with fruit (apple slices) and a non-sweetened tea alternative.

The McChicken and a low-fat milk

A low-fat milk adds 8 grammes of protein to most McDonald's meals, which makes them even better.

Filet-O-Fish and a small McCafé latte

You can have a cappuccino and the popular Filet-O-Fish® sandwich from McDonald's.

Hamburger Happy Meal

With sensible serving sizes, Happy Meals® does a fantastic job of offering you a taste of all your favourites.