Warm Up Your Look With These Gorgeous Summer Hair Colors

Strawberry Blonde

When you mix golden blonde and copper red tones, you get Meghann Fahy's sweet strawberry blonde color. This color is on the warmer side, so you can shimmer and shine all summer.

Cowboy Copper

Ree Drummond dyes her hair red all year, but her newest shade, cowboy copper, is perfect for the summer. The bright color gives off a golden warmth that is somewhere between red and brown.

Golden Brown

Can't choose between blonde and brown? Get the best of both worlds this season when you copy Zendaya! Warm and rich brown melds with the brightness of blonde all on one head of hair.

Deep Chocolate

Who says that winter is the only time for darker colors? The deep brown color of Camila Morrone's hair looks beautiful in the summer. It looks like one solid color, but there are actually very small warm tones.

Muted Blonde

The way Taylor Swift's hair looks natural is the way to go if you want a holiday look that doesn't require much care! It's easy to change the tawny, almost mousy blonde to suit your skin tone and wants.

Cherry Cola

This rich, deep shade of red that Dua Lipa wears has been popular for months and will stay that way all summer long. Try it out if you want to make a big change. Tones of brown and sangria are mixed with a bright brunette that has violet in it.

Beachy Brunette

Just ask Jenna Ortega: If you have dark hair, you don't need to do much to get it ready for summer. Lighten it up a bit by pairing hazelnut pieces with light blonde pieces that stand out and make you look radiant.

Blended Highlights

When it comes to enhancing the appearance of medium-brown hair, nothing beats the traditional highlights! In preparation for the next seasons, Lily James's caramel tones provide the ideal amount of warmth.