These Spring 2024 Nail Art Trends Are Inspiring Us to Do the Most With Our Manicure

Nail Jewels

Adding 3D nail gems makes even the simplest manicure appear complicated.More textured nail art, especially gel patterns that are exciting to touch and look at, is coming.

Jelly Nails

Noodle Yess, a California nail artist and V Beauty Pure educator, calls this style Y2K with a futuristic twist.

Glitter Aura Nails

There is nothing novel about aura nails... Honey, however, does have a suggestion that will definitely make them shine: A coat of glitter should be applied over the aura patterns in place of the chrome that was used the previous year.

Cat Eye Nails

In a new color pallet, cat-eye nails have made a comeback. Experiment with the dazzling effect when applied to seasonal hues such as pastel yellows and soft, subdued blues this spring.

French Croc

Our excitement for animal print has been reignited as a result of the mob wife craze on TikTok. Legend claims that crocodile-print nails are the most popular choice right now, despite the fact that we are pretty well obsessed with leopard spots.

Chrome Embellished Manicure

Chrome paint makes swirls, blobs, and French tips sparkle brighter. Our favorite nail polishes are Côte Molten Metal for silver and Orly Golden Record for gold.

Coquette Nails

Every single item, even your manicure, looks more attractive when it has a ribbon on it. In order to get the coquette look, you should accessorize your favorite polish with three-dimensional bows and pearls.