The Best Spring 2024 Nail Trends Are in Full Bloom

Adding 3D nail gems makes even the simplest manicure appear complicated. Hailey Cohen, a nail artist in Wichita Falls, Texas, predicts more textured nail art

Nail Jewels

For the ideal sheer tint, combine a few drops of your selected nail paint color with clear nail polish in a hurry. The result is more clear with fewer coatings.

Jelly Nails

Aura nails are not new. Honey has an idea to make them shine: Replace previous year's chrome with glitter over aura patterns.

Glitter Aura Nails

Cat Eye nails return in a new hue. Try the dazzling finish on pastel yellows and subtle blues this spring. Without going to the salon, you may get this effect with a magnetic nail

Cat Eye Nails

Legend recommends embossing French tips in earth tones instead than painting your whole nail this strong texture.

French Croc

Chrome paint makes swirls, blobs, and French tips sparkle brighter. Our favorite nail polishes are Côte Molten Metal for silver and Orly Golden Record for gold.

Chrome Embellished Manicure

For coquette style, add 3D bows and pearls to your favorite polish. Amazon's 3D nail decals make bow-tying easy. Apply a dot of nail adhesive where you want the accessory.

Coquette Nails