Spring Gardening Tasks That Will Make Your Plants and Flowers Healthier

Get a jumpstart on spring cleaning

When it comes to cleaning up your garden for spring, the sooner the better. "You want to get it done so that when it starts to warm up, you have a prepared bed already.

Bury some treasure

When his children were little, Johnson planted crops that grew largely underground. "I'd let my kids dig them up to harvest, and they couldn't believe how many potatoes were just beneath the surface.

Prune for a garden boon

Pruning is difficult since it relies on both the weather and the plant in question. "I advise people to prune when the foliage is colorful and the weather is pleasant, such as in the spring or fall.

Divide perennials for dividends

In deep winter, divide your perennials and disseminate or give them away. "The plants are completely dormant, so that's the thing to do when it's cold."

Make your bed

Prepare your garden beds for spring by pulling weeds by hand or with a weed killer.I normally use a Manila folder or a hard piece of cardboard to shield the excellent plant before spraying with a Windex bottle of weed killer.

Learn how much is too mulch

Blooming Colors recommends at least 3 to 4 inches of mulch once or twice a year, and we like double-shredded hardwood.

Follow planting zones

The United States Department of Agriculture produces a map that utilizes average yearly winter temperatures to determine which plants thrive in each region.