8 Weirdest Animals In The World


The coatimundi resembles Central and South American raccoons. They hunt fruits, eggs, tiny rodents, and leftovers from last night's supper in the garbage.

Australian peacock spider

Venomous yet harmless, they dwell in a variety of environments throughout southern Australia. To pursue females, male peacock spiders flash their rainbow hues and dance.

Galapagos batfish

Galapagos batfish master red pouts. Red-lipped bottom dwellers inhabit Pacific Ocean coral reefs near the Galapagos. Scientists think their crimson lips attract prey


Babirusas are unique pigs. Their tusks develop within their mouths and penetrate their faces. Babirusa orthodontists' nightmare.

Bearded pig

Bearded pigs dig for tasty roots, fungi, and bugs with their scruff. Plants, tiny birds, and orangutan carcasses are also eaten.

Star-nosed mole

Due to their front claws, star-nosed moles are exceptional swimmers and the first animal to smell underwater.They're common yet seldom seen.

Ocean sunfish

Sunfish have sometimes been mistaken for dolphin heads from above. One of the largest and boniest fish species, it may reach 1,000 kg.

Whitemargin stargazer

Whitemargin stargazers like reef flats and coastal bottoms, although they seldom appear since they prefer to hide beneath the sand with just their eyes visible.