8 Short Haircuts And Styles Perfect If You Have A Thick Head Of Hair

Get A Layered Cut With Bangs

You're undoubtedly used to wearing some layers if you have thick hair. Choose shorter layers if you want to get shorter! Your hair won't appear triangular if you wear it short and layered

Don't Be Scared Of A Pixie

You can rock a pixie, friends with thick hair (though it might require more styling than you're used to). You would look great with a conventional pixie, but you could also go longer at the top to draw it forward or style it in a swoop. 

Add Some Bangs To Short Curls

You might have believed that you could never pull off bangs if you had curly hair. Friend, we are here to tell you that's not true. If you know how to cut them, curly cuts can look amazing on a person. 

4c Curls Can Get A Layered Twistout

Do you have gorgeous, thick 4C curls on your head? Get a layered twistout at the salon the next time you visit. Your curl pattern looks especially good in the twistout style

Try An Angled Bob

Choose an asymmetrical, angled bob for your short hair when you want to be a little more adventurous. The traditional angled bob is given a delightfully edgy twist with asymmetrical bobs. 

Give An Even Cut Some Beachy Waves

You may worry that it will appear too basic if you wish to opt for a very even cut without any layers. Give your short bob some beach waves to add some texture to your look if your hair is thick and straight.

Shave Half Of It Off

Do you want a short punk-rock haircut that is as distinctive as you are? Cut it with a knife. Get a style that will make you look like you just finished a rock concert by shaving half of your head and leaving the other half (including the back) long. 

Layer Your Pixie

Choose a pixie with longer layers on top if you want a pixie but don't want your gorgeous locks to go to waste. By doing this, you can relieve some of the weight on your head and neck