8 Hairstyles That May Convince You to Get Short Hair with Bangs

Traditional pixies evoke Rosemary's Baby's Mia Farrow. The neck, in front of the ears, and front hairline vary in length, although they are generally the same. These are classic looks that can be simultaneously sweet and subversive, says

Traditional Pixie

This style frames the face with lengthy side bangs cropped shorter. Fitzsimons says its dramatic side portion softens features. This style works well with a basic blowout. Apply Andrew Fitzsimons Body Volume Blowdry Spray ($16, ulta.com) to wet hair.

Layered Bob with Side Swept Bangs

This style resembles a shag without being one. McCarthy thinks it "sits at a real nice nexus between classic and rock and roll, depending on styling and layering." It can be tousled or polished.

Layered Bob with Front Bangs

This style is fantastic for embracing natural hair texture. Fitzsimons thinks choppy bangs provide complexity to short hairstyles and volume to finer strands. I love using the hair's natural texture in this design.

Choppy Lob with Side Bangs

This resembles a grown-out pixie. The cut should be soft and lived-in, with no harsh lines and maybe weight loss. McCarthy believes that if she were getting this cut, her stylist would evaluate her density.

Short Shag

Fitzsimons enjoys this look since it's versatile. "Essentially, it is a pixie cut with face-framing bangs, and depending on your hair length, you can wear it up with pins or down," he explains. 

Sleek Long Pixie with Face-Framing Bangs

This hairstyle exposes the neck and face with powerful bangs and perimeter. Before getting this cut, I would consider my personal style and willingness to make a statement daily, adds McCarthy. 

Short Bob with Bangs

This is perfect if you want most of your hair out of your face but still want a fun style. According to Fitzsimons, the updo works for all hair types and the front bangs may be straight or textured.

Updo with Front Bangs