7 Flowers That Thrive In Full Sun


Summer snapdragon is another name for this stunning creature. It requires very little watering about once a week and it also loves the sun. It's a great option for warm, sunny locations and can grow well in a container.

Black-Eyed Susan

One of the simplest flowers to grow in direct sunshine is the black-eyed Susan. Wildflowers spread swiftly and are commonly seen in fields, open forests, prairies, and along roadsides. 


Calibrachoa, which is referred to as "million bells" because of its profusion of exquisite blossoms, prefers full sun, although it can also withstand some shade and even mild drought. 


Fall mums are easy to share and grow in a pot because they grow in bunches. Sharing these flowers in the late fall or early spring is ideal. Some mums resemble daisies and grow to a height of two to three feet. 


These natural flowers of the South love the heat and humidity. Even though they can handle little afternoon shadow, they bloom best in direct sunlight. Coneflowers can withstand drought.


These lovely, multi-petaled blooms are easy to cultivate from seed and don't require much in the way of water or soil. In hot climates, they can survive shade as well as strong sunlight. Cosmos are striking blooms that draw butterflies.


Perennial flowers that love the sun are called daylilies. The exceptional flowers come in nearly every hue and require little care because they are typically free of pests and diseases.