7 Essential Summer Nail Design Trends of 2024

Cool-Girl Chrome

Chrome has been gaining popularity in recent seasons due to its iridescent look. a pastel shade with a thin chrome coating to give a frosty appearance".  

Skinny French Tips

The classic white will be switched for a pop of colour for spring/summer the perfect way of transitioning into the brighter months

Minimal Glitter

One of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's nail stylists, Julia Diogo, thinks calculated shimmer should return to French tips.

Black Cherry

Black Cherry' color trend will thrive in 2024, and we love its luscious depth. My favorite Bio Sculpture combo is 'Liquorice' and 'A Night At The Opera'

Short But Sweet

It seem to be eschewing drama for a more natural approach to length. Definitely suggested people go short after being long for many years, and they love it

The Gloss Girlie

luxe, sheeny finishes, particularly the Quiet Luxury manicure, will continue to prevail. "The clients are going back to back with sheer high gloss manicures at the moment.

Soft Square

Square nails are another popular form due to their natural look. Manicurist Amy agrees, calling it "polished" and "flattering for all nail types"