7 Bulbs To Plant This Fall For Beautiful Blooms Next Spring

Botanical Tulips

Many gardeners, especially clay soil gardeners, struggle to grow tulips each season. Showy hybrids are produced for one major show and rarely reproduce.

Jonquil Daffodils

The primary classification of daffodils is based on shape or form. Jonquil is a daffodil variety that thrives in southern gardens and tolerates clay soils well.

Ornamental Onions

There are several types of ornamental onions that produce big blooms in the shape of globes, making them one of the most fun bulbs that can be planted in the fall.


Crocuses, which may be found in colder climates, typically blossom through a dusting of snow. Their colors can range from a vivid yellow to a deep purple, depending on the species. 

Winter Aconite

This beautiful forest plant blooms from the end of winter to the beginning of spring, producing bright yellow flowers in the shape of cups that are above the thick leaves. 

Grape Hyacinth

This lovely bulb is named because its tightly packed violet-blue blossoms, which resemble a cluster of grapes. Individual flowers are bell-shaped and give an abundance of pollen for native pollinators.

Summer Snowflake

Summer snowflakes naturally develop big drifts beneath deciduous trees and bushes, creating a magnificent spring floral show.