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Proudly Serving California

City Service Paving works determinedly to substantiate unparalleled customer service along expert craftsmanship. We strongly believe these exceptional standards set us apart from others. We pride ourselves in our 24-hr rapid response time on delivering a unequivocal service/proposal and product.


City Service Paving provides all aspects of new construction asphalt paving & maintenance.

Concrete Services

City Service Paving takes pride in our meticulous work and maintains a pristine jobsite—both during and after construction.

Seal Coating

The best offense is a good defense. Once your asphalt is complete, it's important that you maintain it.

Safeguard your asphalt surfaces from adverse weather conditions, various spills, and oxidation. Seal Coating is the most cost-effective way in maintaining your surfaces and keep up a nice appearance. We recommend having your surfaces coated every two-three years.

Slurry seal is another type of coating - it is thicker, more durable, and is used for parking lots, residential streets, and other high-traffic areas.

City Service can help you determine if sealcoating is right for you and which option is best for your area.

Striping/ADA Compliance

It's important for your patrons to have well-labeled boundaries and ADA Compliance is the law. City Service Paving also provides signage and reflective markings.

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